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Go-Tarp Sun / Rain Canopy with UV protection.


Solar Panel - 100W Version

Front Box

Quick Overview

Fitted to the front of your Go-Pod, lockable and weather resistant. Ideal for storing walking boots, security devices, dog stuff, general camping items or wet gear. The front box also offers the option of storing your gas bottle outside, saving you some internal cupboard space while still providing ample room for other items like your wheel clamp & hitch lock. Please select your gas preferences from the dropdown menu below. 

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Weight: 20Kg.

A lockable front storage compartment measuring approx 500cm x 500cm x 700cm wide.

Save internal cupboard space by adding a front box that’s plumbed for gas. (Gas option not applicable to BASE model).

This lockable compartment stores your gas outside, (instead on inside, in the unit under the sink), and still has ample room for items like your security devices.

  1. Extra space review by Elaine on 19/12/2018

    As we were on a tight budget we thought long and hard about which extras to add to our Pod. I’m so glad we added the front box. Getting the gas bottle out of the pod gives you more cupboard space inside and it’s also great for storing muddy boots . Highly recommend adding this .

  2. Front box essential review by J&s on 17/12/2018

    When we ordered our pod we decided to get the front box as we did not want to carry the gas inside . But it is invalulable for other storage, hook up cable, leg winder they all stay in there
    Well worth it

  3. My second essential item along with the Go Tarp. It fits perfectly with the Go Pod and provides valuable external storage for your personal use. review by Munro Pod Gen on 10/12/2018

    Essential requirement to attach to the front of your Go Pod. Locked accessible stylish storage.

  4. Great idea review by Siany on 09/12/2018

    So much tidier and useful than without!

  5. Really useful front box plumbed in for gas review by Mr & Mrs CP on 27/11/2018

    Having a front box means that your gas bottle can live in there rather than in the front cupboard in the Pod. It is definitely good to free up that space. We got ours plumbed in for gas and we also got an exterior gas socket that runs off the gas bottle too. Even with the gas bottle in the front box, there is still plenty of room for other bits and bobs that you need to be outside the Pod, like the winder for the back steadies for example. I like the appearance of the Pod with the front box too. It makes it appear just that little but cuter somehow. A great addition to our Pod.

  6. Front box fitted for gas review by Karen on 28/07/2017

    We decided to add the front box when we bought our Standard Go Pod In 2016. It was mainly for the gas to give more storage inside the Pod but we also manage to store our mains cable, a few tools, chocks and an all important fold up kneeler so it's turned out to be a really useful addition.

  7. Front box fitted for gas. review by Vanilla Pod - IOW on 24/07/2017

    Seemed to us better than having the gas bottle in the cupboard under the worktop where it takes up room.

  8. Front box review by Donna on 15/07/2017

    We added a front box to our Go-Pod Plus and really like the way it lends itself to the overall shape. We opted not to plumb ours for gas as prefer to turn our gas bottle off after each use and it's easier to do that when located inside. We like wild swimming and use our box mainly for our wetsuits & gear but also for our security bundle when on the move. It's a useful extra.

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