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The Go-Pod Khyam Awning

Quick Overview

The Go-Pod awning is made by Khyam, specifically for the Go-Pod.

Increase your living area at any time with this bespoke, spacious awning - exclusive to Go-Pods & only available here.

The awning’s poles are cleverly already in place and do not need to be threaded through the fabric. And along with Khyam’s ‘quick erect’ elbow system and usual top quality build, it makes things a lot easier than you’d think - even for one person.

Great for families & popular with pet owners too, for containing their animals. Comes with an awning bead which attaches above the Go-Pods door, two robust metal porch poles and distinctive Go-Pod side logos. After use, the whole thing stows neatly in its own holdall and weighs just under 13kg.

Compatible with Khyams bedroom tents which are available separately to provide additional sleeping accomodation for up to two people.

Available to order



Weight: under 13Kg.

This item is already included with models:

  • PLUS
  • Platinum

The awning comes with the awning bead ready attached for securing to the Go-Pods awning rail above the door.

Available for home delivery.


  1. Extra space for longer stays review by JAG on 24/07/2017

    We have the previous model awning, which had to be adapted, but this already has the awning bead attached, which is a bonus. We use the awning when staying somewhere for 4 or more nights, it doubles the space and gives you a separate living area. We then leave the bed made up during the day. The awning gives you options and if you add a bedroom tent you can sleep 4. So glad we bought the awning, definitely recommend one.

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