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Blown Air Heating (dual fuel)

Quick Overview

This top notch heating option offers versatile, thermostat controlled warmth at any time. Its dual fuel capabilities mean that when you’re on hook up it will run from mains power, saving your gas. But when 240V hook up isn’t available, switch to gas and be warm where ever you go. The system’s thermostat maintains your desired temperature level through those cold nights, extending your camping season & maximising the use of your investment.

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Weight: under 15Kg.

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Safety Warning: Only use recommended heating appliances in your Go-Pod.

Never use your stove or vessels heated on top of it as a method of heating your caravan!

  1. Hot Stuff! review by CamLin on 03/01/2019

    Our Pod came with the blown air heating system already and how lucky were we! Our weather here in the Highlands is dodgy at the best of times and just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that we get balmy warm evenings and nights. The blown air heating is not a luxury item but a real necessity in our opinion. So easy to use and control and very quick to warm up and keep us snug.

  2. not so much an extra but a necessity review by j & S on 16/12/2018

    our pod came with the heating installed and not as an extra and I would say its a necessity - but it is easy to use and so easy to control not used it on gas yet - but if you are on site and have electric hook-up then use it. the pod is so warm and toasty

  3. Go pod review by Richard Hamilton on 15/12/2018

    So glad we got this added to our order,it keeps our pod nice and warm also in the summer which I will find out next year keeps it cooler.

  4. Luxury review by Munro Gen on 10/12/2018

    This heating system is so good I can use my Go Pod even in the winter months. It is very efficient and makes you feel warm and toasty or cool and comfortable depending on your favourite setting. Easy to use and program.

  5. Perfect Pod Heating review by Mr & Mrs CP on 20/11/2018

    This heating will work off gas or electric hookup. You can also turn off the switch so it blows out cold air which has been a bonus during the hot summer. With the switch on, the heating has three settings and a variable temperature control. We were concerned about leaving it on during the night but there was no need as, when set on low, it works really well and isn't at all noisy. It kept us toasty all night in minus temperatures and it wasn't turned up much at all. Once the Pod has warmed up, turn it down and it works brilliantly. It is worth noting that our insurer won't cover you if you use a separate heater than properly installed heating so the heating was something we felt was necessary and has been a great addition to our Pod.

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