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Motor Mover - Auto Version

Quick Overview

Important: Fitting a motor mover to your Go-Pod is a specialist job requiring bespoke brackets and should only be fitted by our experienced workshop staff or an authorised home fitter. Having a mover fitted by a third party will void your Go-Pods warranty and may damage your caravan.

Available in two versions: Go-Pods are all about convenience and this stress-busting accessory is one of the most popular. The motor mover consists of two units either side of the Go-Pod and at the push of a button, the drive wheels of the Auto Mover engage against the caravan’s tyres. Your Go-Pod can now be effortlessly manoeuvred over rough ground or in to tight spaces by simply using the directional buttons on the handset. For best results, we recommend an inflatable jockey wheel be used in conjunction with this item.

The Manual Mover consists of the same two drive units either side of the Go-Pod but the difference is that the drive wheels need to be engaged against the caravan’s tyres, by means of turning a crank handle. Once engaged. For best results, we recommend an inflatable jockey wheel be fitted in conjunction with these items.

<<< See the video demo - left. 

New for 2018!

For existing Go-Pod owners - We can now offer home fitting of this item by an authorised representtive, working within our warranty guidelines. Please select the check box below for this option and you will be contacted to arrange a convenient fitting date.

Available to order



Weight: under 42Kg.

Motor movers are strongly recommended for single Podders, ladies and those preferring maximum convenience in a Go-Pod.

Although Go-Pods move easily on smooth flat surfaces like tarmac, the effort required increases as the surface deteriorates. Soft earth, long grass, troughs and inclines all increase resistance, with the worst surface being gravel which will lock up all types of trailer.

  1. fit at home scheme for motor mover review by s & j on 27/09/2018

    We got our pod in March - all the staff are so friendly and will try there best for you.
    I was going to go back when the Pod's service was due and to have a motor mover retro-fitted
    but we have just had mover fitted under the fit at home scheme and the staff went the extra mile to make it happen.
    The mover came by courier the week before the fitting. The fitter phones you to ensure you've got all you parcels then arranges a time convenient - the whole process takes about 3-4 hours.

  2. Mover makes light work review by PeaPod on 15/07/2017

    Went back to Red Lion Caravans a while ago to have a motor mover retro-fitted. I travel alone and I wanted the extra reassurance that I would be able to handle any situation without assistance. I was also getting fed up with reversing the car to the pod to hitch up and getting in and out 20 times! The engineers fit it in a few ours so I decided to wait there. There is a camping gear shop, gift shop and a lovely cafe so that helped kill some time. I went for the auto version and now I have it, I use it all the time! It's a great thing and I should have had it fitted from the start!

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