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Go-Pod PLATINUM 2018 - What's included?

Quick Overview

Our flagship Go-Pod - comes packed with almost every comfort available!

You’ll want for little with the Platinum, which takes ‘glamping’ to the extreme. Your choice of fabric is included, allowing you to personalise this model Go-Pod to you own particular taste. And why not upgrade with a full-colour GRP shell or bespoke side panels for that totally unique look. A real home from home. 

The Standard fabric for is 'Beige 118'. To order your fabric swatches by post - click here.

Scroll down to the Description tab for what's included in the price.

Other Stuff!

Optional Saving! For a limited time only, customers selecting the 'LITE' option and paying in full before Xmas 2018, receive a cash saving of £250! Collection dates can be either 2018 or early Spring 2019. Cars rated as low as 885Kg can then tow this model, fully loaded to it's maximum 750Kg MTPLM. With this option, by just loading heavier items in to your car during transit, you can save money, travel light and ensure that you stay safe & legal! Use the checkbox below to select & save.

NB: the Go-Tarp will be removed from the current spec for orders received after 15.07.18. Please click here for more details.

A £1000.00 non-refundable deposit secures your order. No payment is taken online but can be made by phone or bank transfer.

• Viewing options - click here.

• Finance options - click here.

• Full Go-Pods colour chart - click here.

Don't forget the insurance!

Most owners recommend Caravan Guard for insurance as they specialise in Go-Pods, have a good pay out record and offer one month of free insurance. They'll call to offer a comparitive, no obligation quote & activate the offer if required. An opt out is possible and cover is subject to underwriting, terms & conditions. 

Available to order

  • Beige 118 - Standard
  • Swirl Pattern
  • Beige 105
  • Black 110
  • Blue 117
  • Brown 104
  • Dark Brown 103
  • Brown 119
  • Cream 113
  • Green 114
  • Green 120
  • Grey 111
  • Grey 115
  • Purple 109
  • Red 107
  • Red 116
  • Tan 102
  • Highland
  • Beige 118 - Standard
  • Swirl Pattern
  • Beige 105
  • Black 110
  • Blue 117
  • Brown 104
  • Dark Brown 103
  • Brown 119
  • Cream 113
  • Green 114
  • Green 120
  • Grey 111
  • Grey 115
  • Purple 109
  • Red 107
  • Red 116
  • Tan 102
  • Highland
  • Beige 118 - Standard
  • Swirl Pattern
  • Beige 105
  • Black 110
  • Blue 117
  • Brown 104
  • Dark Brown 103
  • Brown 119
  • Cream 113
  • Green 114
  • Green 120
  • Grey 111
  • Grey 115
  • Purple 109
  • Red 107
  • Red 116
  • Tan 102
  • Highland

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Order now with just a £1000 Deposit? - Balance due on collection.


Weights:  MiRO 490Kg + 195Kg UK fittings = 685Kg Actual Mass.

MTPLM 750Kg / 1000Kg. Remaining capacity for accessories & loading approx 65Kg / 315Kg.†

Calculations do not include any water allowance for the toilet.

 The platinum has all the features of the standard model and these extra items too;

• Full Go-Pod Khyam awning - for instant extra living space whenever it’s needed.

• Skirt & rail.

• Blown air heating - thermostat controlled dual fuel heating for all year comfort.

• The 100W solar panel - provides independence off hook up.

TV & DVD player - entertainment where ever you go with this 12V digital flat screen TV.

• Winter cover - front box version.

• External 240V 3 pin socket.

• USB upgrade.

• Microwave oven. (Can be upgraded to a full gas oven and grill on request + £274.00).

• Mains hook up cable, winder & adaptor.

Front box plumbed for gas.

• Gas bottle.

• Fabric upgrade - (optional).

• Security bundle.

The following standard features are also included:


  • Moulded GRP Shell eliminates the risk of seam leaks.
  • Lightweight design so most small cars can tow.
  • Easier to manoeuvre that a regular caravan when unhitched.
  • AL-KO braking system.
  • AL-KO running gear and hitch.
  • Galvanised steel chassis rated to 1000Kg.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • R13 tyres.
  • Full spec spare wheel.
  • Fully undersealed.
  • Two rear wind down stabiliser legs.
  • Adjustable opening side windows.
  • Secure window locks.
  • Stainless steel door hinges.
  • Mains hook up 240V in socket.
  • LED porch light.
  • Truma water pump socket.
  • TV aerial socket.
  • Porthole style door window.
  • Choice of stripe colours. 
  • High level rear brake light.
  • Rear LED brake & indicator lights.
  • Go-Tarp - sun & rain canopy.
  • Euro 13 pin tow electrics.
  • Wall cavity insulation.
  • Anti-snaking, wobble-free design.



  • Twin gas hob with heat resistant glass top.
  • Aluminium lined, fully sealed gas compartment.
  • Stainless steel sink.
  • Electric tap and Truma pump.
  • Solid plywood furniture - no chipboard.
  • Push button safety catches on all cupboards.
  • Wardrobe with shelves.
  • Flush toilet - porta-potti style
  • Chest style fridge / freezer by Dometic.
  • Wrap around seating.
  • Removable table - 620mm x 500mm.
  • Carpet runner.
  • Wood effect, low maintenance flooring.
  • A 12V leisure battery (L85 - 85Ah).
  • Full 12V circuit for lights, TV, tap & 12V power socket.
  • Memory foam king size bed or two singles.
  • New slatted bed system.
  • Concealed, under-shelf LED lighting.
  • Spotlight LEDs x 2.
  • Warm effect reading / spotlight LEDs x 2.
  • Pull down blind for porthole door window. 
  • Pop-top for extra headroom. (Headroom = 6' when up & 5'1" when down).
  • Zipped air vents in pop-top skirt, fitted with bug mesh x 2.
  • Generous under-seat storage areas.
  • Dressing mirror inside wardrobe door.
  • Kitchen cupboards & cutlery draw.
  • Fold out wing table.
  • Under-hob gas bottle storage.
  • Under fridge cupboard.
  • CO2 Detector.
  • Dropdown front access to underbunk storage areas.
  • New power management supply unit - provides updated electrics & saves space.
  • Upgraded control panel - now wall mounted.
  • 240V electric circuit and battery charger.
  • Three pin 240V plug sockets x 2.
  • 12V (cigarette lighter style) socket by fridge.
  • TV aerial socket by fridge.
  • Roller blind style, window fly screens.
  • Roller type blackout blinds.
  • Modern, comfortable & practical upholstery. Plain beige - ref Lisos 118.
  • Matching curtains.
  • Leg winder handle.
  • Water container.

 Other accessories can also be added to your Go-Pod Platinum Edition. Please check our accessories pages for details.


Dimensions: 2018 Models.

External Dimensions:

Length - 4.20m including 0.99m hitch & bar.
Width - 1.85m
Height - 2.05m roof down. Raising pop top adds 30cm.
*Note regarding garage storage  Recommended minimum clearance - 210cm.
MiRO - 490Kg (Actual Mass = 685Kg)
Brakes - AL-KO Braking System.
MTPLM - 750Kg / 1000Kg
Nose Weight - 49Kg (54Kg with front box & gas bottle plumbed) 
Ground Clearance. - 183mm NB: Lowest point is the removable spare wheel.

Internal Dimensions:

Standing height - 1.84m
Floor - full length - 2.05m
Floor - width - 0.62m
Floor - bed end of aisle to door   - 1.00m
Bed - length - 1.95m
Bed - width as double - 1.57m
Bed - width as single - 0.53m
Door - width - 0.60m
Door - height - 1.58m


Please note that colour options viewed online may vary depending on your monitor's calibration & photography. Therefore the colour options shown are intended as a representation and a guide, rather than an exact colour match. Additionally, changing to darker colour side panels and GRP colours may affect the temperature inside of your Go-Pod on hot days.

Please be advised that chrome stripes and decals may show some marks or blemishes due to it's nature.

Items supplied may differ from pictures & listing due to availability.

The TV comes with its own integral stand. The TV is designed to be free-standing and can be positioned on the fridge top, table or in the awning. Wall mount brackets that may appear in some older images were discontinued in early 2016, when the TV manufacturers increased the screen size. This larger size TV made the fridge access quite difficult in conjunction with wall mounted brackets & the TV's own stand proved more versatile. Wall brackets are still available, (at £45.00 inc fitting), if required but in our opinion, they can prove less convenient.

Items included within the package may be excluded at your request - but in such circumstances we regret that we cannot offer discounts, swaps or an exchange for the equivilent monetary value.

† Measurements and weights shown are intended as a guide and may vary, be approximated or estimated where necessary.

Weights may change without notice and we recommend that you leave a suitable margin. If your car's towing allowance is low, remember that accessories ordered will add to the overall weight and you may wish to carry more of your load in the tow vehicle. Actual Mass specs are offered as a guide only and we recommend that your work to the maximum MTPLM. 

Ensuring correct towing specs are the responsibility of the customer.

Always refer to the online Owners Manual for correct operating procedures.

Viewings -  By appointment only - Click here.
Collection  -  Lancashire - PR8 5LF. Delivery option available.


  1. 03.09.17 - The small caravan with the big heart! review by Derrick on 29/12/2017

    We bought the top of the range Go Pod, it worked out cheaper than buying all the extras in the end, but there are a few extras I wish I had bought at the time
    The motor mover, yes, I know a Go Pod is easy to move, but when it’s on a slope, you have to ask the wife to give it that extra push, I wish I had one
    The winter cover is very good, it does stop the Go Pod from getting that black stuff that winter always brings (plus it gives the stay cats somewhere to shelter)
    I had used tear drop trailers in the past, they are very good for 2 people, but they have their limitations, like cooking, that is at the back and when it rains that’s the end of the cooking, everything in a tear drop is hands and knees, you can’t stand up in them, you watch TV laying down, there is a limit to what you can do in them
    In a Go Pod you can stand up, cook in the rain, watch TV sitting down, pull the awning down for privacy and shelter from the elements (they have some really nice spot lights in them and you can reach them from the bed, you don’t have to get out of bed to turn the lights out)
    You could go the camper van route, but if you want to go anywhere, everything has to be put away; you might lose your pitch when you get back
    A Go Pod has everything a normal caravan has, plenty of storage space, cupboards, a toilet/shower tent (we haven’t used either) a double bed, a tent for extra guests (just clip it on the back)
    When on a campsite, a pitch is the same price for all caravans; you have extra room on site
    We upgraded the water container (and bought an extra one, never have enough water)
    We have travelled to Turkey in ours, no problems, cruised along at 65-70 mph, no wobbling and you can even forget you are towing it, whenever we stopped people wanted to look inside (it should be called the TARDIS)
    It’s cheaper on the train and the ferry, so the whole of Europe is open to you (on the train you can even make a coffee while travelling, its gotta be better than machine coffee)
    We had the oven instead of the microwave (even though I am on holiday, I still like my Sunday dinner) it’s as if you are at home, there is no limit to meals you can cook on it
    I use a separate gas burner for boiling the kettle, rather than the hob, just because it’s easier with a separate burner, I need both rings when cooking, and I also want a coffee
    We bought plastic plates and mugs (available in the shop) just because they are easier to was, clean and are unbreakable, we bought clip together cutlery, just so we didn’t lose the spoon
    The cool box can be used as a freezer, but we have just used it as a fridge
    We bought 2 circular cutting boards, screwed them together, we now have a covered for the sink, plus a chopping board
    We also bought the suction hooks from the shop, handy for hanging keys, towels, clothes, anything you want to hang really
    The Solar panel is a real boon when wild or bush camping (plenty of lighting, both in and out of the Go Pod)
    It comes with a TV, but I haven’t used ours, I prefer the radio on holiday
    I also got a wheel clamp and a security box with mine (handy for on site and as it can be pulled by a Fiat 500, it’s an extra bit of security (you don’t want to come back and find you no longer have a caravan)
    I did have to get my plug upgraded to fit the Go Pod (but my plug is year’s old, anyway)
    I would recommend staying at the local campsite even if it’s just the one night, just to shake out any wrinkles and check everything is working
    You will be told all about the A/C and electrical stuff when you pick yours up, but you will promptly forget them (but they are available on YouTube) and go back to be told again
    You can wander around the shop for extra bits and pieces and they aren’t backward with the discounts, we bought an extra water container, 2 chairs and another table, with a nice discount (thank you to the shop)
    When you are there, you can wander around, just looking, then go and ask questions, they will help answer all of them, even the ones you never asked (no such thing as a daft question)
    We bought ours and it was white with decals on it, they now come in many colours, I wish I had the choice)
    If you aren’t sure if a Go Pod is for you, I will be surprised if you don't come back and order one. which one though is up to you, save money and go for top of the range, work it out yourself, you’ll see what I mean

  2. 11.09.17 - Best Buy We Have Made In Many Years. review by Sticktogolf on 29/12/2017

    We bought our Platinum Go Pod in early 2016. We live over 300 miles from the showroom and did all our research online before deciding to buy one without viewing one. We decided on the Platinum edition because of the high spec and that if we bought a different spec and wanted to upgrade then it would result in. 600 mile round trip back to Southport.
    We had never owned or towed a caravan before but have had no problems in towing and sometimes you forget you are actually towing. We have had great fun in our POD and wouldn't be without it. We are so enthusiastic about it that we now proudly offer to show it off to those who do not want to travel so far to view one and have now helped at least two purchase one. Love it. Happy podders

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