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Peterborough Show Deal - Go-Pod Special Tourer.

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  1. 24.08.17 - Great 3 weeks in France. review by Margaret Monsoor on 29/12/2017

    We have arrived back from our first trip in our Go-Pod, a 3 week holiday through France to Italy & our Go-Pod was admired & photographed at every camp site!

    No complaints at all about the Go-Pod.

    We could really do with some leaflets that we could hand out to people on are travels. I told people to look on the internet.


  2. 14.07.17 - Owners since 2015. review by Sally Ainsworth on 29/12/2017

    We have had our gopod since April 2015.
    We absolutely love it.having always camped for 30 years we wanted comfort.
    The gopod looks tiny but has everything you need. Lots of locker space under the seats. Which convert to a double bed again comfortable.
    The hob is fine. And use the sink for handwashing. The wardrobe is a good size for trousers and tops. The fridge is a top box and holds plenty.
    We use the pod at least once a month from march to November.
    It's easy to tow and fits in the garage over the winter.
    100% recommend it.

  3. 16.07.17 - Glad we went new! review by Escape Pod on 29/12/2017

    After viewing with a kind owner in the Midlands, we were convinced that a Go-Pod was for us. We decided to look for a secondhand one initially but soon found that they come up very occasionally, get sold quickly and sell for nearly new prices. So we decided to go for our own brand new one instead. It's always nice to have something new from scratch as you know exactly whats what. We had a budget so decided to opt for the standard model and just added the basics, (gas, cable, security, pads), along with the awning. Its been loads of fun so far and we have used it far more than we expected due to it being so easy to use. Great service from everyone we encountered too and we will probably book back in for the mover soon, due to a looming knee op.

3 Item(s)

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